“Why even try?”

Aurora - a nonprofit dedicated to preventing & ending homelessness

Aurora works tirelessly to prevent and end homeless in the Evansville and Vanderburgh County community. It’s truly one of the most important non-profits in southwestern Indiana, and the staff who’ve dedicated their lives to helping the most vulnerable  are inspiring.

In the summer of 2013, Aurora asked o’connor/creative to create a video to provide background on the organization, show the kinds of services they provide, and to allow some of their staff and board members describe how and why they support the organization.

In the video below, case coordinator Aaron Pryor says, “It’s a difficult profession… there’s a lot of really serious issues we deal with – domestic violence, substance abuse, mental health, child abuse – and so not everyone can reach out and do that kind of work. But I’m able to, and part of me feels like it’s almost my responsibility being part of the human race to reach out to those who need that kind of help… because part of me would like to think that if I were in that same situation, there’d be someone to reach out to me.

We should all be thankful that there are people like Aaron in the world.

From a non-profit perspective, we could not ask for a better volunteer than Pat. In all the projects he helps with, his first priority is to ensure that we accomplish our goal of sharing our mission and good works in the most effective manner possible. Not only is he professional, Pat is incredibly creative and fun to work with!

Jayme Walters, MCW, Director of Development

For more information, download the latest Evansville & Vanderburgh County Homeless Facts and Figures.

Aurora supporter “Thank You” video: